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Group work, either by itself or as an extension of individual therapy, provides a powerful and effective way to resolve difficulties and develop new and healthier beliefs and coping skills. Groups are settings in which exploring and practicing new skills is done together with others who share similar challenges, and therefore can offer added support and validation. Knowing we are not alone is a healing force all by itself.

  • Creating Healthy Self-Esteem

Good self-esteem is perhaps our most crucial psychological resource. This group provides a supportive setting in which participants are given four diverse and highly effective tools for building and maintaining good self-esteem. We will practice recognizing both "self-esteem builders" and "self-esteem busters," and responding to them accordingly!

  • Focusing: A Mind-Body Practice for Self-Connection

Focusing is a gentle and also a powerful process of inner listening that allows us to crystallize wisdom that we often don’t realize we possess. It can relieve stress, promote insight, and deepen creativity, compassion, and spirituality. Participants will learn and practice Focusing so that they can use this beneficial and enjoyable practice by themselves or with a partner.

  • Anxiety Relief: Tools for Mind, Body, and Emotions

Anxiety can be associated with many distressing symptoms such as panic attacks, excessive worrying, physical tension, and social discomfort. Come join us in a supportive setting to explore ways of understanding and diminishing anxiety in your life.

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